Full service Catering

We provide Full Service Catering where we will arrange the food as well as people to serve the food. With more than two decades of experience as vegetarian caterers we can anticipate the clients' needs and provide excellent food and impeccable service. Our full service approach has earned Swagat catering a loyal and diverse clientele and a stellar reputation.

Event Management

Our partner service creates stunning wedding stages with exquisite backdrops, lighting effects, fabrics, flower arrangements and sculptures. All stages can be created to meet your style, theme or colour requirements. Dinner tables and buffet counters are arranged and decorated attractively. Our linens and table décor, along with our floral arrangements, are put together in perfect assembly to satisfy the needs of our customers.

Vegetarian Cuisine

We provide delicious and healthy vegetarian barbeque dishes from grilled vegetables to burgers. We also provide Italian Pizza using just the vegetables and spices. Our pizzas are made with your favourite dough, rolled thinly sprinkled with cheese and spread of your choice and adding a bit of sauce. It’s ready to place on a grill pan or sheet of aluminium foil and cook it on the barbeque.

Please check out our menus. Every dish is meticulously prepared in authentic home-style, using only natural spices & ingredients and as a result, our cuisine is tasty and healthy.

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